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Sights and events in Villach


Villach is situated in the lovely federal state Carinthia and it is the most southern city of Austria. You can feel the charm of one of the most modern towns of Austria. Villach knows celebrating events: the carnival of Villach is also known outside the borders of Austria.
This city offers very much: events, concerts, theatre, theatre for children, sights, historical monuments, walks, museums, caberets, a.s.o.

Events in Villach:


’Villacher Kirchtag’ – biggest costum event in carnthia
carnival of Villach
gallery Freihausgasse
gallery White 8
gallery of the city Villach
exlucive gallery Dagmar Aichholzer
foto-gallery Lind
film-art in the cinema of town
theatre "neuebuehnevillach"
Peter Steiner´s ‘Theaterstadl’

Sights and destinations:


lookout tower Pyramidenkogel (Keutschach)
miniworld railway (Faak am See)
observatory Gerlitze (Bodensdorf)
art studio A. Puschnig (Villach)
castle ruin Landskron (Landskron)
protestant church in the city park (Villach)
church of Heiligenkreuz (Villach)
church of Nikolai (Villach)
parish church St. Jakob (Villach)
museum of the city (Villach)
Ebners Hausmuseum (Villach)
museum of the dolls (Villach)
relief of Carinthia (Villach)
museum of vehicle (Villach)
castle arena Finkenstein (Faak See)
Terra Mystica (Bleiberg-Nötsch)
view, vine,thermal springs street, alps street of Villach (Villach)
marketplace of Villach (Villach)
Khevenhüllerhaus on the marketplace (Villach)
townhall place (Villach)
Paracelsushof (Villach/pedestrian precinct)
garden of the Alps (Villach)
natureparadise the "Schütt" (Klagenfurt)
naturepark Dobratsch (Bad Bleiberg)
mushroom, forest and nature wonderworld(Villach)
zoo of Schloss Rosegg (Rosegg)
pilgrimage church Maria Gail (Maria Gail)
Shipping on the Drau and on the lake Ossiach (Villach)

Villach also has the reputation to be a sports town: It has at it`s diposal two gyms and six sport stadiums, as well as well cared for sport institution, the city hall, the alps arena, well removed cyclepathes, jogging pathes and pathes for coss-country skiing. In all seasons Villach offers uncountable sport an leisure time possibilities. With all this offers nobody will be bored.

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